Our rates

Base rate

TarifsImageWe bill our services on a hourly rate varying between 225€ and 395€ per hour. We book our interventions on time sheets that we join to our bills. Thus you exactly know which efforts we deployed for your file. We practice a monthly billing. We generally accept to agree with a maximum amount of fees after evaluating the work to achieve.  Thus you know before starting which cost you will incur for our services.  We generally ask to be provisioned in advance for a portion of our fees and out of pocket costs to be incurred.  We always sign a written agreement evidencing the agreed conditions.

Fixed price

In replacement or in addition to the foregoing rate, we can agree to fix an forfeit, when the file is appropriate for such remuneration, which is generally the case in company law files.

Result fee

We can as well agree to fix a result fee. One shall however note that pursuant to our professional regulation, we cannot accept to fix our remuneration on this sole base. A preliminary fee shall be agreed upon, unto which the result fee would apply.

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