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Who are we?


« We are a taylor-made boutique of legal services. Our business model: provide, coordinate and audit your legal requirements. »

After experiencing the practice of law in large firms in North America and France, we made the choice of driving a business that would supply legal services both directly and indirectly: directly in some legal spheres of activities for which we are the best one, indirectly as supervisors and auditors of other legal services that we do not directly perform.

We defy anybody in our main spheres of activity. Indeed, we are just the best in mining law, environment, administrative law, company law, franchising, mergers and acquisitions, commercial and European and international law. We are as well competent in the usual spheres of activity that are family law, business criminal law, labor law and civil law.

Our strategy was therefore based on founding a performing and reactive law firm that would not pretend to deliver competent services in all and any area. This strategic choice was sustained by the obvious conclusion that nobody can really pretend to efficiently satisfy you by providing competent services in all fields of practice. Specialties exist in law as in any other area of economic activity.

It would never come to somebody to think that a shoes manufacturer is competent to manufacture airplanes. Why one would believe that this is possible in legal services?

Our partners

Certification ISO 9001

Certification ISO 9001



Business Law

Our organization is a major actor in company law, commercial agreements (including franchising), mergers and acquisitions, financing and banking. We have executed major operations governed by concentrations and antitrust law.

Energy, mines

We are recognized specialists and we represent international groups in energy, mining, pulp and paper and environment. We yearly contribute to the oil and gas review of the legal rules that are applying all around the world, as specialists for France and Cameroon. You can download these publications : France Cameroon

International and
European union law


International and European union law

We are competent from the beginning to the end of the chain, whether into or outside European Union, concerning importations or exportations, customs, international litigations (including arbitration) and relations with the administrations.


Environmental law governs all aspects of human activity, from your private life unto the exploitation of enterprises. We can assist you in all aspects, especially concerning the enterprises that are classified as SEVESO sites. We are as well competent in administrative law, which is a main concern in these matters. We are assisted on this important area of practice by M. professor Jean Gourdou, teaching at Pau university.

Real estate,

Real estate, wine

We will assist you in commercial rentals, for sales and acquisitions, “fermage”, “métayage”, rentals, partnerships and all kind of special associations or companies.

Areas of practice

Our values


Our people are constantly updating their knowledge, to ensure they stay at the highest level.


We apply ongoing quality control measures.

Proximity and reactivity

We will not await your requests. We are dedicated to stimulate your proactive governance.


Audacity is the motor of innovation. We believe that past values shall be the tremplin for innovation.



Head office: 21 Rue des Frères Bonie, 33000 Bordeaux
Secondary office: 3 Le Peyrat, 33113 ORIGNE

Please note that we communicate only by e-mails and by cell phones with our clients. If you are not already a client, you can join us by e-mail at the addresses below:

Borgia and Co : Bordeaux - Montréal - Quebec
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